Tax Services

Firms associated with Moore Stephens in Spain are fully specialized in tax compliance for both individuals and corporations as well as tax planning. According to the specialization we offer a specialized tax advisory services for companies and groups of companies which operate internationally in order to comply with different country regulations and optimize the potential of international tax treaties.
The most common services provided in this area are:

  • Taxcompliance:
    • Corporatetax.
    • VAT.
    • Income and wealthtax.
    • Transfer tax and stamp.
    • Estate and gifttax.
    • Specialtaxes.
    • Local taxes.
  • Proceedings on behalf of the client:
    • Personal action on behalf of Customer for tax inspections.
    • Planning and Resource defense through legal procedures on the Courts.
  • Taxplanning:
    • Optimization of the tax burden by planning ahead in terms of the characteristics of each company, its environment and regulation.